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"We're out to make a living, not a killing"
Joe's Classic Towing
We might not be the biggest company out there but you can count on our service in A big way

Your broke down, your stranded, to say the least you are having a really bad day.  The last thing you need at that point is to have some towing company make it even worse.  You don't need to be overcharged to tow your car, face hidden charges after you get to your location, have a towing company do even more damage to your car by towing it improperly and then not have insurance (it happens everyday).  You are at their mercy.  By calling A Towing Service of Indianapolis we can give you a fixed quote (no hidden costs), we are fully insured, bonded and trained on how to transport your vehicle without doing even more damage. 

"We're out to make a living, not a killing"

Family owned and operated

Here at A Towing Service of Indianapolis we are a family owned and operated business who have been towing in the Indianapolis area for over twenty five years. Our goal is to provide quality cost effective towing for Marion county and surrounding counties. We have over twenty five years of towing service experience in the Indianapolis area. 

We are fully insured to tow your vehicle(s) or equipment and take pride in doing the job correct and hassle free.

Towing Services:

  • Local 
  • Long Distance - Have a vehicle your purchasing?  One that has just let you down? Call us for a free quote on our long distance services.
  • Private Property - Do you have a vehicle that is sitting at your place of business for a long period of time? Just call us to find out if we can assist you.
  • Equipment Hauling - Forklifts, Scissor lifts, Tool Boxes moving is one of our specialties. Have A question about something you have to move? Just give us a call today
  • Classic Vehicles - With all the time and money spent on classic vehicles, why let someone who is not skilled with towing these vehicles tow them for you? With A Towing Service you have a scratch and worry free towing.  A Towing Service of Indianapolis will take care of your pride and joy 
  • Accounts - We service several different accounts for repair shops, commercial vehicle fleets, and various different companies that need a towing service provider in the Indianapolis area.  If you are in need of a towing service in the Indianapolis are call us on details for a discount rate and to set up an account for you towing needs.  
  • Roadside Service-Your car won't start?  Does your battery need a jump?  Are your keys locked in the car?  Did you run out of gas.  A Towing Service of Indianapolis will help you out.  


Towing Service Indianapolis

Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 24 hours
Sat-Sun 24 hours

Hearing Impared Text: 317-966-5772